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Correction to: The SAMHD1-mediated block of LINE-1 retroelements is regulated by phosphorylation

The original article was published in Mobile DNA 2018 9:11


The original article [1] contains an omission in the Methods. The authors would like to note that the paragraph constituting the L1 promoter assay should read as the following:

L1 promoter assay

HEK-293T cells were transfected with the L1 promoter luciferase reporter plasmid (L1RP-luc) together with empty vector (pcDNA6mycHis) or SAMHD1 expressing vector using calcium phosphate. The reporter plasmid L1RP-luc and the L1 promoter activity assay have been described previously [2]. Two days posttransfection, cells were lysed with Cell Culture Lysis 5× reagent (Promega) and luciferase activity was quantified using commercially available components (Promega).


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    Herrmann A, et al. The SAMHD1-mediated block of LINE-1 retroelements is regulated by phosphorylation. Mob DNA. 2018;9:11.

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