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Table 2 RepeatMasker output of RepeatMasker library and the species-specific custom-built library for the Drosophila melanogaster genome (release 6 [50])

From: Characterization of transposable elements within the Bemisia tabaci species complex

  RepBase (%) Custom Library (%)
DNA 1.79 1.21
LINE 4.93 4.50
SINE  < 0.001 0.00
LTR 10.68 10.22
Unclassified 0.04 0.34
Total Interspersed Repeats 17.44 16.88
  1. Comparison of the results of the identification of TEs using RepeatMasker RepBase library and the species-specific repeat library in the D. melanogaster genome. The custom-built repeat library was built using the workflow described in the study