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Table 3 Clusters of recombination identified in the BC1 progeny

From: Hybrid dysgenesis in Drosophila virilis results in clusters of mitotic recombination and loss-of-heterozygosity but leaves meiotic recombination unaltered

F1 Female IdentifierChromosomePosition (Mb from Telomere)CO Progeny / Total ProgenyDistortion GenotypeTEs detected in Strain 160
3aX17.74 / 29NonePolyphemus
111325.14 / 11Strain 9bPolyphemus
4013X11.44 / 13Strain 160None
4029X21.314 / 19Strain 160None
501139.828 / 32NonePolyphemus
5019320.210 / 30Strain 9bNone
5022323.65 / 11Strain 9bParis
5089X23.44 / 11Strain 160Polyphemus ×2, Paris
  1. aThe F1 female is non-dysgenic
  2. bTransmission distortion occurred in some of the progeny. The rest appear normal and probably did not inherit a mitotic CO chromatid