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Table 3 ME-Scan amplification conditions

From: Integrated Mobile Element Scanning (ME-Scan) method for identifying multiple types of polymorphic mobile element insertions

 First amplificationSecond amplification
 AluYb (5 cycles)L1HS*SVA (10 cycles)AluYb (20 cycles)L1HS (12 cycles)SVA (12 cycles)
PCR grade waterAs neededAs needed
2X KAPA HiFi HS RM25 μl25 μl37.5 μl
Adapter primer (P7)+2.5 μl2.5 μl3.75 μl
ME-specific primer +2.5 μl2.5 μl3.75 μl
DNA360 ng100 ng200 ng16 μl2 μl24 μl
Total50 μl50 μl75 μl
  1. * follow step-down PCR thermocycling conditions in Table 4
  2. + primers are shown in Table 2 with 10 μM concentration