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Fig. 4

From: Characterization of the endogenous retrovirus insertion in CYP19A1 associated with henny feathering in chicken

Fig. 4

RT-qPCR analysis of CYP19A1 coding region (All CYP19A1 expression) and Hf_ERV-induced CYP19A1 expression. Relative expressions are reported as proportion to the expression level in the skin of Sebright, and are labeled as italic numbers on the top of each bar. ND means not detected. CYP19A1 expression was normalized against GAPDH expression. Sample size: Hf/Hf (N = 1), Hf/hf+ (N = 1), hf+/hf+ (N = 2). a) CYP19A1 coding region is detected as the sum of all known transcripts, including Hf_ERV-induced expression. b) Hf_ERV-induced expression detected using Hf-ERV forward primer

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