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Fig. 8

From: Features of a novel protein, rusticalin, from the ascidian Styela rustica reveal ancestral horizontal gene transfer event

Fig. 8

Rusticalin-like gene from Ciona intestinalis contains bacteriophage A500 recombination site inside the non-coding region. a Position and antisense orientation of seven tRNA-Arg genes inside the non-coding regions of C. intestinalis rusticalin-like gene (Gene ID: 100185212). The first tRNA gene is situated upstream of the protein coding sequence, four of tRNA genes are inside the second intron and two are inside the third intron neighboring the C-terminal domain coding region. b Alignment of bacteriophage A500 recombination site (AttP) with Ciona intestinalis tRNA gene (Gene ID: 108950122) situated inside the third intron. The sequence identity and score are, respectively, 65.8% and 73 (calculated by EMBOSS Matcher)

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