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Figure 2

From: HERV-K(HML-2) rec and np9 transcripts not restricted to disease but present in many normal human tissues

Figure 2

Gel electrophoretic separation of rec- and np9 -specific PCR products amplified from a panel of cDNAs. Generated from 15 normal human tissues and peripheral blood leukocytes. Expected product sizes were ca. 580 and 360 bp for rec and np9, respectively. cDNA generated from GCT-derived Tera-1 cell line, known to strongly express HML-2 both on the RNA and protein level (for instance, see ref. [28]), served as a positive control. ‘ctrl.’ indicates a PCR control reaction without template DNA. A faint band representing rec-specific PCR product from PBL is not properly reproduced. ‘n.a.’ indicates additional PCR products of approx. 1 kb in the liver and testis and approx. 2.2 kb in the spleen and the thymus not further investigated in this study.

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