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Table 3 Accession numbers of analyzed chromoviruses and reference HP1 proteins

From: Highly diverse chromoviruses of Beta vulgaris are classified by chromodomains and chromosomal integration

Sequence Organism GenBank accession number
Beetle 1 Patellifolia patellaris AJ539424
Beetle 2 P. patellaris FM242082
Beetle 3 Beta vulgaris JX455076
Beetle 3-1 B. vulgaris JX455077
Beetle 4 B. vulgaris JX455078
Beetle 4-1 B. vulgaris JX455079
Beetle 4-2 B. vulgaris JX455080
Beetle 5 B. vulgaris JX455081
Beetle 5-1 B. vulgaris JX455082
Beetle 5-2 B. vulgaris JX455083
Beetle 6 B. vulgaris JX455084
Beetle 7 B. vulgaris JX455085
Bongo 1 B. vulgaris JX455095
Bongo 2 B. vulgaris JX455096
Bongo 3 B. vulgaris EF101866
Bingo 1 B. vulgaris JX455086
Bingo 1-1 B. vulgaris JX455087
Bingo 2 B. vulgaris JX455088
Bingo 3 B. vulgaris JX455089
Bingo 4 B. vulgaris JX455090
Bingo 5 B. vulgaris JX455091
Bingo 6 B. vulgaris JX455092
Bingo 7 B. vulgaris JX455093
Beon 1 B. vulgaris JX455094
CRM2 Zea mays AC129008
Tekay Z. mays AF050455
Reina Z. mays ZMU69258
Galadriel Lycopersicon esculentum AF119040
Maggy Magnaporthe grisea L35053
Pyret M. grisea AB062507
Sushi-ichi Takifugu rubripes AF030881
PpatensLTR1 Physcomitrella patens XM_001752430
TRRT1 Solanum lycopersicum AC215351
Dm-HP1a Drosophila melanogaster M57574
At-LHP1a Arabidopsis thaliana AAL04059
  1. Abbreviations: HP, heterochromatin protein; LHP, Like heterochromatin protein (Arabidopsis homolog).
  2. aHP1 proteins.