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Table 5 Number of genes associated with different types of INDELs

From: Characterization and potential functional significance of human-chimpanzee large INDEL variation

Type of INDEL Genes associated with INDELS containing RTs only Genes associated with INDELs containing NISs only Genes associated with INDELs containing both RTs and NISs Total (genes associated with INDELs)
HI 3,149 718 326 4,193
CI 1,276 674 175 2,125
HD 1,139 740 155 2,034
CD 1,309 776 160 2,245
Total 6,873 2,908 816 10,597
  1. CD = chimpanzee deletion; CI = chimpanzee insertion; HD = human deletion; HI = human insertion; INDEL = insertion and deletion; NIS = noninterspersed sequence; RT = retrotransposon sequence. The genes associated with INDELs were classified on the basis of the type of INDEL (HIs, CIs, HDs and CIs) associated with the gene and type of sequence contained in the INDEL (RTs vs NISs).