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High-Throughput Genetic Screens Identify a Large and Diverse Collection of New Sporulation Genes in Bacillus subtilis. [PLoS Biol. Jan 2016] PubMed

Reprogramming triggers endogenous L1 and Alu retrotransposition in human induced pluripotent stem cells. [Nat Commun. Jan 2016] PubMed

Transposable element detection from whole genome sequence data. [Mob DNA. Dec 2015] PubMed

Genome-Wide Profiling Reveals Remarkable Parallels Between Insertion Site Selcetion Properties of the MLV Retrovirus and the piggyBac Transposon in Primary Human CD4+ T Cells. [Mol Ther. Jan 2016] PubMed

Recent mobility of casposons, self-synthesizing transposons at the origin of the CRISPR-Cas immunity. [Genome Biol Evol. Jan 2016] PubMed

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Aims and scope

Mobile DNA is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles providing novel insights into DNA rearrangements in all organisms, ranging from transposition and other types of recombination mechanisms to patterns and processes of mobile element and host genome evolution. In addition, the journal will consider articles on the utility of mobile genetic elements in biotechnological methods and protocols.


Marlene Belfort, University at Albany
Cédric Feschotte, University of Utah
Haig Kazazian, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Henry Levin, NIH

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Our Editors-in-Chief maintain an average time from submission to a first decision of 24 days.