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Editors' picks

Highlights from recent literature on mobile elements, selected by the Editors-in-Chief.

Retroelement-guided protein diversification abounds in vast lineages of Bacteria and Archaea. [Nat Microbiol. 2017 Apr] PubMed

Structure of Ty1 Internally Initiated RNA Influences Restriction Factor Expression. [Viruses. 2017 Apr] PubMed

Integration site selection by retroviruses and transposable elements in eukaryotes. [Nature. 2017 March] PubMed

LoRTE: Detecting transposon-induced genomic variants using low coverage PacBio long read sequences. [Mob DNA. 2017 Apr] PubMed

Single-cell whole-genome analyses by Linear Amplification via Transposon Insertion (LIANTI). [Science. 2017 Apr] PubMed

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Marlene Belfort, University at Albany
Cédric Feschotte, University of Utah
Haig Kazazian, Johns Hopkins University
Henry Levin, NIH

Aims and scope

Mobile DNA is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles providing novel insights into DNA rearrangements in all organisms, ranging from transposition and other types of recombination mechanisms to patterns and processes of mobile element and host genome evolution. In addition, the journal will consider articles on the utility of mobile genetic elements in biotechnological methods and protocols.

Rapid peer review

Our Editors-in-Chief maintain an average time from submission to a first decision of 21 days.