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Transposon Day 2019

Second Annual Transposon Day

Barbara McClintock, widely recognized as the founder of transposable elements research, was born June 16, 1902. That is why last year we decided to designate this day as Transposon Day: to honor her legacy and draw attention to the important research that has, and is, continuing to change the way researchers think about evolution, disease, and genomics. For a refresher on McClintock's discoveries, we invite you to listen to this recent lecture from Dr Rob Martienssen given at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

We encourage the TE community to share your thoughts about how McClintock's research influenced your own on Twitter, using the hashtag #transposonday2019. We have created a new quiz this year for you to test our your TE knowledge--don't forget to share your result on Twitter.  Lastly, we've included a selection of articles from the Mobile DNA journal--the flagship journal of all TE research--that highlight some of the great research published over the last year.  Happy 2nd Annual Transposon Day!

Transposon Day Quiz

Which unique phenotypes can be linked to a transposable element? Test your TE knowledge with our new quiz.

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In this podcast, Dr Haig Kazazian (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine) talks about his journey to the study of transposable elements and the role of TEs in human disease. 

TE Featured Collections

Over the past year, we've put together a number of collections to highlight our review articles, the tools that TE researchers use, and our most recent collection on endogenous retroviruses. We hope you enjoy these collections and consider adding to them with your own research.

All Reviews Collection

Mobile DNA Tools Collection

Endogenous Retroviruses in Evolution & Disease

Links to Useful TE Community Resources

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Transposons Worldwide SLACK Page (Managed by Rebecca Berrens)
Mobile DNA Tools Collection
TE digest (Managed by Alexander Suh)

TE Tweets

Follow us @MobDNAjournal on Twitter and share your stories of how McClintock's research has impacted your own, your quiz scores, and connect with the TE community this first inaugural Transposon Day. Be sure to use hashtag #transposonday2019 in your tweets.

Annual Journal Metrics