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Transposon Day 2018

Inaugural Transposon Day

Barbara McClintock, widely recognized as the founder of transposable elements research, was born June 16, 1902. That is why we have designated this day as Transposon Day: to honor her legacy and draw attention to the important research that has, and is, continuing to change the way researchers think about evolution, disease, and genomics. 

We encourage the TE community to share your thoughts about how McClintock's research influenced your own on Twitter, using the hashtag #transposonday2018. We also invite you to see how much you know about McClintock by taking our quiz.  Lastly, we've included a selection of articles from the Mobile DNA journal--the flagship journal of all TE research--that highlight some of the advances in the field over the years.  Happy Inaugural Transposon Day!

How well do you know Barbara McClintock?

Find out how well you know the founder of TE research in our Barbara McClintock quiz here. 

Transposon Day Article Collection

Below is a collection of articles that have been published in Mobile DNA over the last 3 years that reflect and build upon the foundations set by Barbara McClintock's research. Enjoy!

The case for not masking away repetitive DNA.

Mobile DNA and evolution in the 21st century.

Considerations and complications of mapping small RNA high-throughput data to transposable elements.

Restricting retrotransposons: a review.

Roles for retrotransposon insertions in human disease.

The dynamic intein landscape of eukaryotes

Spotting the enemy: Targeted silencing of foreign DNA in mammalian genomes by the Kr├╝ppel-associated box zinc finger protein family

Repbase Update, a database of repetitive elements in eukaryotic genomes

TE Tweets

Follow us @MobDNAjournal on Twitter and share your stories of how McClintock's research has impacted your own, your quiz scores, and connect with the TE community this first inaugural Transposon Day. Be sure to use hashtag #transposonday2019 in your tweets.

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