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Mobile DNA

Transposable elements databases

If you would like a database that you curate to be included in this resource please contact the Editorial Office.

  • euL1db: the European database of L1-HS retrotransposon insertions in humans, provides a catalogue of known non-reference L1 insertions in the human genome. Reference
  • GPAC - Genome Presence Absence Compiler: A comparative tool to visualize the presence or absence of genomic sequences in multiple species. Reference
  • KKSC insertion significance test: A tool to define significant retrotransposon insertion patterns and distinguish them from incomplete lineage sorting and hybridization. Reference
  • RepeatExplorer: A collection of unique computational tools and databases which are designed to identify, quantify and annotate repetitive sequences in complex plant genomes. Reference
  • TinT: A tool to define the relative age of transposed elements by their transposition in transposition. Reference
  • Tn Number Registry: Transposable element registry that assigns Tn numbers for prokaryotic transposons. Reference
  • TREP, the Triticeae Repeat Sequence Database: A collection of transposable element (TE) sequences and predicted TE protein sequences from all organisms, with a focus on plants and fungi.