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Table 2 Number of reads per RNA-Seq library published by Gluck et al. [11]

From: Differential regulation of transposable elements (TEs) during the murine submandibular gland development

Run Age Number of reads
SRR3475588 E14.5 24,187,535
SRR3475589 E14.5 31,175,495
SRR3475590 E14.5 33,384,282
SRR3475591 E16.5 46,682,402
SRR3475592 E16.5 48,796,458
SRR3475594 E18.5 41,930,729
SRR3475593 E18.5 22,866,594
SRR3475599 P5 67,221,144
SRR3475600 P5 57,435,611
SRR3475597 P28 33,371,615
SRR3475598 P28 20,499,918
SRR3475595 P84 50,918,269
SRR3475596 P84 54,710,880
  1. “Run” corresponds to the SRA accession run identifier, “Age” corresponds to the timepoint (stage) at which the samples were sequenced, and “Number of reads” is equivalent to the total amount of reads in the sequenced library