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Table 3 Genomic distribution and gene ontology enrichment of genes significantly associated with TEs in the AT2 and AM cells. A gene ontology (GO) enrichment analysis was performed on those genes with significant cis TE associations using the STRING database [40]. The total number of observed and background genes in each GO term category as well as all false discovery rate values (FDR) < 0.05 are shown for the AT2 and AM cells

From: The derepression of transposable elements in lung cells is associated with the inflammatory response and gene activation in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

GO TERM Description Observed gene count Background gene count FDR
 GO:0035082 axoneme assembly 6 59 0.002
 GO:0003341 cilium movement 5 61 0.009
 GO:0060271 cilium assembly 10 326 0.009
 GO:0070286 axonemal dynein complex assembly 4 32 0.009
 GO:0120031 plasma membrane bounded cell projection assembly 11 413 0.009
 GO:0036159 inner dynein arm assembly 3 16 0.026
 GO:0070925 organelle assembly 12 666 0.044
 GO:0006955 immune response 16 1560 0.016
 GO:0045124 regulation of bone resorption 4 38 0.016
 GO:0002376 immune system process 19 2370 0.028