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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: Methylation of rRNA as a host defense against rampant group II intron retrotransposition

Bacteria Relevant characteristics; comments Reference
L. lactis IL1403 plasmid free; recipient strain, strain for all RTP assays; sequenced genome is available (GenBank: NC_002662) [22]
E. coli DH5α F endAI recAl hsdRl7 (rK mK) deoR supE44 thiJ gyrA96 relA Gibco-BRL
Plasmids Relevant characteristics; comments Reference
pLNRK-RIG L. lactis/E. coli shuttle vector contains nisin-inducible promoter, nisR nisK, CamR, RIG cassette, intron donor [21]
pGh4:ISS1 pG + host replicon, thermosensitive (replicates at 28 °C but lost above 37 °C), ErmR [23]
pRS01 co-integrant of conjugative plasmid pRS01 and pTRK28, ErmR [24]
pLNRK-GFP Derived from pLNRK-RIG with green fluorescent protein (GFP) replacing the entire intron and RIG cassette. CamR This study
pMN1343 pMN1343 SpcR, contains intron homing site [25]
pGh5: PnisA pG + host replicon, ErmR, backbone of pGh5 from [23], with ISS1 removed, PnisA inserted. Used as empty vector control in the wild-type background in complementation assays. [23] and this study
pGh5: PnisA rlmH pGh5:PnisA with the rlmH gene inserted under control of the PnisA promoter. Used for complementation assays. [23] and this study
pLNRK-SA pLNRK smEx::Ll.LtrB ΔORF (SA)-nLIC; expression construct for Ll.LtrB intron with streptavidin aptamer in domain IVb, CamR [26]