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Table 1 Key Resources Table

From: Deep sequencing reveals new roles for MuB in transposition immunity and target-capture, and redefines the insular Ter region of E. coli

Chemicals, Peptides, and Recombinant Proteins
HinP1 New England Biolabs R0124S
Phusion Polymerase New England Biolabs M0530S
Critical Commercial Assays
Wizard Genomic DNA Purification Kit Promega A1120
Quick Ligation Kit New England Biolabs M2200L
Qiaquick PCR Cleanup Kit Qiagen 28,106
Axygen™ AxyPrep Mag™ PCR Clean-up Kits Thermo Scientific 14–223-227
Deposited Data
Genomic Sequencing Data This Study
MP1999 Mucts B::kan. Mu insertion between nts 3,652,046–3,652,051 (Saha et al. 2013) [28] ZL530
MG1655 with Mucts:cat at nt 4,203,381 (Ori-Mu) (Walker et al. 2020) [29] DMW11
MG1655 with Mucts:cat at nt 263,131 (OPR-Mu) (Walker et al. 2020) [29] DMW15
MG1655 with Mucts:cat at nt 3,339,450 (OPL-Mu) (Walker et al. 2020) [29] DMW22
MG1655 with Mucts:cat at nt 2,555,144 (TPL-Mu) (Walker et al. 2020) [29] DMW24
MG1655 with Mucts:cat at nt 792,226 (TPR-Mu) (Walker et al. 2020) [29] DMW33
MG1655 with Mucts:cat at nt 1,657,887 (Ter-Mu) (Walker et al. 2020) [29] DMW57
DMW57, Mucts:cat B::kan This study, DMW57, ZL530 DMW300
DMW33, Mucts:cat B::kan This study, DMW33, ZL530 DMW301
DMW24, Mucts:cat B::kan This study,
DMW24, ZL530
DMW22, Mucts:cat B::kan This study,
DMW22, ZL530
DMW15, Mucts:cat B::kan This study, DMW15, ZL530 DMW304
DMW11, Mucts:cat B::kan This study, DMW11 ZL530 DMW305
Software and Algorithms
MAPS (Python) This Study
BWA-MEM Li H., 2013