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Table 1 Genomic features of reference strains for four model yeasts.a

From: Diverse transposable element landscapes in pathogenic and nonpathogenic yeast models: the value of a comparative perspective

Genomic FeatureCandida albicansCryptococcus neoformansbSaccharomyces cerevisiaeSchizosaccharomyces pombe
Haploid size (Mb)14.319.1 (18.9)12.112.6
Chromosome Number814163
ORFsc62006600 (7000)66005100
Genes with introns4%98% (> 99%)5%43%
Centromere size (kb)3–520–650.12540–110
Total TE content0.8%6.6% (5.9%)d3.5%1.1%
DNA transposons:
 “cut-and-paste”0.1%0.7% (0.5%)0%0%
Crypton or Helitron0%0.1% (0.1%)0%0%
 LTR0.6%3.9% (3.1%)3.5%1.1%
 non-LTR0.1%0.5% (0.4%)0%0%
  1. a See text for references.
  2. b Serotype D, serotype A in parentheses.
  3. c Including dubious ORFs, rounded to nearest hundred.
  4. d Content for this species includes 1.4% (1.9%) unclassified TEs.