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Table 2 Annotation of LTR-retrotransposons and MITEs in rice assemblies

From: A benchmark of transposon insertion detection tools using real data

TE ClassificationNipponbareMH63
LTR-all a131,905117,362
LTR full-length b37333787
LTR- Gypsy13541303
LTR- Copia944759
LTR- Unclassified c14351725
MITE-all (1)211,732191,113
MITE full-length d45,96346,725
  1. a Repeatmasker fragments. Includes both intact and truncated elements
  2. b High confidence elements containing intact LTRs, TSDs and coding domains
  3. c Intact elements whose poor coding domain conservation doesn’t allow proper classification
  4. d Elements spanning more than 80% of its family consensus length