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Table 2 Verification of in silico results for 28 DcSto insertion sites in the carrot genome by DcS-ILP

From: Stowaway miniature inverted repeat transposable elements are important agents driving recent genomic diversity in wild and cultivated carrot

Comparison of in silico / DcS-ILP resultsAccession / insertion site combinations
empty / homozygous empty54164.4%
occupied / homozygous occupied12815.2%
occupied / heterozygous (empty + occupied)9411.2%
empty / homozygous variant of different size (‘empty’ for DcSto)303.6%
empty / heterozygous (empty + variant of different size)131.6%
occupied / heterozygous (occupied + variant of different size)10.1%
Total correct calls80796.1%
 empty / heterozygous (empty + occupied)111.3%
 empty / homozygous occupied81.0%
 occupied / homozygous empty10.1%
Total incorrect calls202.4%
No amplification131.5%