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Table 2 Characterisation of the DNA transposon families identified in the S. rosetta genome

From: A genomic survey of transposable elements in the choanoflagellate Salpingoeca rosetta reveals selection on codon usage

FamilyLengthITR SizeTSD LengthaCopy Number (5′ ITR/3′ ITR)No. of Identical Paralogous CopiesbNumber of Sequence ReadscITR Nucleotide Diversity (π)d
SrosH3761n/an/a6–9 (6/3)n/a1402
SrosHar31122731–2 (1/1)n/a1
SrosM832628923 (13/16)919,4800.054
SrosS32703242 (2/2)07946
SrosTig121222227–11 (7/4)069410.005
SrosTig221642324–7 (4/3)0780.050
SrosTm207128n/a8–14 (7/8)415,3540.008
  1. a Target site duplications could not be identified for SrosH and SrosTm. b The number of identical paralogous copies could not be determined for SrosH and SrosHar. c Read number based upon edited gene regions for SrosS. d Nucleotide diversity could not be determined for SrosH due to low sequencing reads at the element termini; diversity could not be determined for SrosS and SrosHar due to their low copy numbers