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Table 1 Characterisation of the LTR retrotransposon families identified within the S. rosetta genome

From: A genomic survey of transposable elements in the choanoflagellate Salpingoeca rosetta reveals selection on codon usage

FamilyLength (bp)LTR SizeCopy Number (FLE/Solo LTR/ Truncated)No. of Identical Paralogous CopiesNumber of Sequence ReadsIntra-element LTR IdentityLTR Nucleotide Diversity ( π - Total/FLE/Solo)
Sroscv1529024316 (8/5/3)104571000.0220.0060.048
Sroscv248131907 (4/0/3)2243a1000.1220.122
Sroscv3516539421 (10/10/1)12128899.2–1000.0190.0060.030
Sroscv4596558015 (12/1/2)29299.60.0390.039
Sroscv560714089 (6/2/1)21591a99.5–1000.0260.025
Srosgyp154603739 (6/2/1)4197a1000.0170.003
Srosgyp251693856 (6/0/0)48561000.0000.000
Srospv1494338714 (11/0/3)232799.7–1000.0160.016
Srospv2545255471 (41/4/26)17421199.6–1000.0440.0410.077
Srospv35680445121 (59/14/48)18518294.2–1000.0830.0840.079
Srospv451483594 (1/3/0)2481000.0010.002
Srospv550883623 (2/0/1)210821000.000
Srospv611,2221681 (1/0/0)0n/ab100
  1. a Read number based upon edited ORF sequences. b n/a: Expression level is not shown for Srospv6, as it is a pseudogene