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Fig. 2

From: Study of VIPER and TATE in kinetoplastids and the evolution of tyrosine recombinase retrotransposons

Fig. 2

Schematic structure of the potentially complete VIPER and TATE retroelements found in trypanosomatids. Repbase consensus sequences and the SIRE element were also represented. Rectangles of different colors represent the ORFs encoding Gag-like (blue), YR (yellow), and RT / RH (pink), whose position was drawn according to the reading phase (+ 1, + 2 or + 3). The arrows indicate the repeats. The scaffold and position of copies are displayed next to the species name. The figure is drawn near to scale (except for some repeats), which is distinct for VIPER and TATE. The represented L. braziliensis TATE copy possesses a frameshift in the third ORF represented as two dashes. NNNN represents missing data regions

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