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Fig. 1

From: A mobile restriction modification system consisting of methylases on the IncA/C plasmid

Fig. 1

Global trends of the methylomes of C6706 and CV2 and logo plots of the non-CG methylation patterns. A. Distribution of the methylation level in the C6706 and CV2 samples. The x-axis indicates the methylation level, and the y-axis indicates the fraction of mC at a specific methylation level in all methylcytosines. The methylation level of cytosine is the proportional value of the sequence supporting the C base site as a methylation site in the effective coverage sequence. B. The density distribution of mC on each chromosome. The x-axis represents the chromosome. The y-axis on the left represents the mC density calculated from a 10 kb window, and the blue dot represents the distribution of the mC density on the chromosome. The y-axis on the right represents the normalized mC ratio. The curves represent the density distribution of the different types of mC bases (CG, CHG and CHH). C. Logo plots of the sequence features of the adjacent bases at the C site. The x-axis represents the base position, with the C-base being analyzed in the fourth position. The y-axis represents the entropy value

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