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Fig. 5

From: Tracing the history of LINE and SINE extinction in sigmodontine rodents

Fig. 5

Comparison of the divergence and copy numbers of L1 and B1 families. Curves represent the divergence distribution of L1 and B1 families based on kernel smoothing of the 1% divergence bin size histogram of the family. Vertical dashed lines represent the peaks of the distributions. L1 and B1 families (in all figures) that correspond to similar divergence are given the same color and this color coding is consistent in all figures showing L1 and B1 divergence: L1-OS2 and B1-OS1, red; L1-OSP1 and B1-OSP1, green; and, L1-OSP2 and B1-OSP3, blue. The oldest two S. hispidus-specific L1 families are also shown: L1-S5, black; L1-S4, brown. The top portion of the L1-S5 curve (above the horizontal black dashed line) is truncated for visualization purposes, but its peak coordinate is shown by the vertical black dashed line

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