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Table 3 MLV Insertions

From: Mouse germ line mutations due to retrotransposon insertions

Mutation MGI IDa Strain of origin ERV location, orientationb Mutational mechanisms or effects References
Abcb1a mds 3044239 CF-1 Solitary MLV LTR, Intron 22, − Transcripts contain viral sequence, Exon skipping, Disruption of gene function. [258, 259]
Aifm1 Hq 1861097 CF-1 Intron 1, + 80% decrease in transcript and protein levels, Aberrant splicing [260]
Hr hr 1856057 HRS/J Intron 6, + Transcripts contain viral sequence, Probable termination within LTR [24, 137]
Lamc2 jeb 3609880 129X1/SvJ Solitary MLV LTR, intron 18, + Aberrant splicing and premature termination, low level of normal transcripts [261]
Lmf1 cld 1856820 M. m. musculus Intron 7,? Transcripts contain ERV sequence, Termination within ERV [262]
Myo5a d 1856004 Fancy mice Intron, + Shortened and abnormally spliced transcripts that vary among tissues [135]
Pde6b rd1 1856373 unknown Intron 1, − Associated with nonsense mutation in gene but effect of ERV is unclear [263]
  1. aID number in Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) database
  2. b- = antisense, + = sense,? = orientation unknown