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Fig. 3

From: Mouse germ line mutations due to retrotransposon insertions

Fig. 3

Three alleles of the agouti gene involving ERV insertions. The a (non-agouti) mutant allele is fixed in the reference strain C57BL/6. It involves a VL30 ERV and an ERV-β4 inserted within it. Partial phenotypic reversion of non-agouti occurs frequently. The at (black and tan) allele results from recombination between the LTRs of the ERV-β4. The Aw (white-bellied agouti) allele results from recombination between the VL30 LTRs. See text for references. Gene structure in black is shown to very rough scale. Green arrows and lines are the LTRs and internal VL30 sequences. Purple arrows and line depict the ERV-β4

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