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Fig. 2

From: Mouse germ line mutations due to retrotransposon insertions

Fig. 2

Effects of IAP insertions in C3H mice. a An IAP insertion in Gria4 in C3H/HeJ causes seizures associated with spike-wave discharges but seizure episodes are much more frequent when the allele is crossed into another strain. The modifying effect in C3H/HeJ is due to another IAP insertion in Pcnx2, which reduces the detrimental effect of the Gria4 mutation. b A new IAP insertion in the previously unknown Dnmt3c gene was detected in a C3HeB/FeJ colony during a screen for genes involved in retrotransposon silencing in the male germ line. See text for references. Black boxes are gene exons and green arrows and lines represent IAP LTRs and internal sequences. Numbers of exons/introns and distances are not to scale

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