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Table 1 Putative stability determinants identified in the three native plasmids of P. syringae pv. savastanoi NCPPB 3335

From: The toxic guardians — multiple toxin-antitoxin systems provide stability, avoid deletions and maintain virulence genes of Pseudomonas syringae virulence plasmids

Plasmid and determinanta Locus Tagb Deduced product (InterPro family or signature matches)
 SD1 PSPSV_A0016 Putative partition protein A (IPR027417, IPR025669)
  PSPSV_A0015 Ribbon-helix-helix protein, CopG family (none predicted)
 TA1 PSPSV_A0020 Putative addiction module antitoxin, RelB/DinJ family protein (IPR007337)
  PSPSV_A0019 Putative toxin of the YafQ-DinJ toxin-antitoxin system (IPR004386), addiction module toxin, RelE/StbE family (IPR007712)
 TA2 PSPSV_A0032 Predicted transcriptional regulator, ribbon-helix-helix protein, CopG (IPR010985)
  PSPSV_A0031 Putative plasmid stabilization system protein; RelE/ParE toxin family (IPR007712)
 SD2c PSPSV_A0042 StbA, putative stability/partitioning determinant, resolvase (IPR036162)
  PSPSV_A0041 MvaT-like transcriptional regulator (IPR035616)
 TA3 PSPSV_A0043d StbC, Arc-type ribbon-helix-helix protein, putative antitoxin (IPR013321)
  PSPSV_A0044d StbB, putative ribonuclease of the VapC family (IPR022907)
PSPSV_A0045d StbA, resolvase (IPR036162)
 TA4 PSPSV_A0051 Putative RelB/DinJ family addiction module antitoxin (none predicted)
  PSPSV_A0050 Putative RelE/StbE family addiction module toxin (IPR007712)
 SD3 PSPSV_A0067 Putative transcriptional regulator; CopG/Arc/MetJ DNA-binding domain-containing protein, possibly responsible for the regulation of plasmid copy number (IPR002145)
 TA5 PSPSV_B0012 Hypothetical protein, putative plasmid maintenance component (IPR021558, DUF3018)
  PSPSV_B0011 Putative Mazf-like toxin, ccdB family (IPR003477)
 SD4 PSPSV_B0013 ParA/YafB type stability/partitioning protein, cobyrinic acid ac-diamide synthase (IPR027417)
  PSPSV_B0014 Stability/partitioning protein (none predicted)
 SD5 PSPSV_B0038 IncN plasmid killer protein (IPR009989)
 SD6 PSPSV_B0042 Putative stability/partitioning determinant (IPR027417)
  PSPSV_B0043 Hypothetical protein (none predicted)
 TA6 PSPSV_C0003 Putative RelE/StbE family antitoxin, stability determinant (none predicted)
  PSPSV_C0004 Putative RelE/StbE family toxin, stability determinant (IPR007712)
 TA7 PSPSV_C0008 Putative CopG family transcriptional regulator (IPR010985; IPR013321)
  PSPSV_C0007 Putative addiction module toxin, plasmid stabilization protein (IPR007712)
 SD7e PSPSV_C0017 Putative ParA family protein (IPR027417)
  not annotated Hypothetical protein (none predicted)
 TA8 PSPSV_C0050 Putative antitoxin (none predicted)
  PSPSV_C0051 Putative addiction module toxin, RelE/StbE family (IPR007712)
  1. aTA toxin-antitoxin system, SD generic stability determinant
  2. bThe listing order indicates direction of transcription
  3. cGene PSPSV_A0042 shows 90% nt identity to gene PSPSV_A0045 in determinant TA3
  4. dGenes PSPSV_A0043/44/45 are 100% identical to genes PSPSV_A0007/8/9, respectively
  5. eSD7 was cloned containing an unannotated CDS 3′ of PSPSV_C0017 (fragment containing positions 9861–11,121 of FR820587), which could be part of a par operon