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Fig. 7

From: Features of a novel protein, rusticalin, from the ascidian Styela rustica reveal ancestral horizontal gene transfer event

Fig. 7

Sequence-structure alignment of N- and C-terminal domains of Botryllus schlosseri rusticalin sequence. a Alignment of the N-terminal domain with β-defensin-like fold of tick carboxypeptidase inhibitor (PDB ID 1ZLH). Conserved cysteine residues are highlighted in black. The sequence identity is 26%. b Alignment of C-terminal domain with Hedgehog/DD-peptidase fold of bacteriophage A500 L-alanyl-D-glutamate peptidase (PDB ID 2VO9). Amino acid residues involved in Zn2+ binding by 2VO9 are highlighted in red, catalytic and substrate-binding residues are highlighted in green and yellow, respectively. The sequence identity is 21%. ss_dssp – template secondary structure as determined by DSSP. The secondary structure is labeled ‘H’ for α-helix, ‘E’ for β-strand, and ‘C’ for coil

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