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Table 1 Dimorphic HERV-K, HERV-H and HERV-W candidates

From: Variation in proviral content among human genomes mediated by LTR recombination

HERV name Coordinate (GRCh38/hg38) Reference allele Previously reported
1p31.1_K2b chr1:73129298–73,130,265 Solo LTR [46]
K111/K105b chrUn_GL000219v1:175210–176,178 Solo LTR [29, 44]
1p31.1_K3c chr1:75377086–75,383,458 Provirus [28]
11q22.1_K1c chr11:101695063–101,704,528 Provirus [28]
12q14.1_K1c chr12:58327459–58,336,915 Provirus [28]
3q13.2_K2c chr3:113024277–113,033,435 Provirus [38]
3q27.2_K1 chr3:185562548–185,571,727 Provirus [43]
5q33.3_K1c chr5:156657706–156,666,885 Provirus [43]
6q14.1_K1c chr6:77716945–77,726,366 Provirus [28]
7p22.1_K1 chr7:4582426–4,591,897 Provirus [28, 38]
5p13.3_K2c,a chr5:30486653–30,496,098 Provirus This study
4q22.1_H8b,a chr4:91045790–91,046,151 Solo LTR This study
5p15.31_H2b,a chr5:7262337–7,262,742 Solo LTR This study
11q13.2_H5c chr11:68633778–68,639,439 Provirus This study
2q34_H4a,c chr2:209078020–209,084,376 Provirus This study
2p14_H2c chr2:64252414–64,257,646 Provirus This study
13q21.32_H1c chr13:66141332–66,147,036 Provirus This study
1q32.2_H3c chr1:210111090–210,116,207 Provirus This study
1p32.3_H6c chr1:54897904–54,903,584 Provirus This study
11q24.3_H2c chr11:130753498–130,759,137 Provirus This study
11p14.3_H1c chr11:23183934–23,189,744 Provirus This study
12p12.1_H2c chr12:25163213–25,169,508 Provirus This study
13q21.1_H1c chr13:55578228–55,584,087 Provirus This study
13q22.3_H1c chr13:77933223–77,939,379 Provirus This study
2q36.1_H5c chr2:224296633–224,302,363 Provirus This study
2p12_H2c chr2:75213731–75,219,537 Provirus This study
3q22.3_H2c chr3:137595601–137,601,190 Provirus This study
3p14.3_H1a,c chr3:54634484–54,640,204 Provirus This study
4q32.3_H5c chr4:166716125–166,722,054 Provirus This study
6q23.2_H3c chr6:131338800–131,344,564 Provirus This study
6p22.3_H3c chr6:18754144–18,759,870 Provirus This study
6p12.2_H1c chr6:51938241–51,944,426 Provirus This study
6q16.1_H1c chr6:93830156–93,835,749 Provirus This study
18q21.1_W2b,a chr18:50449151–50,449,914 Solo LTR This study
  1. Footnotes: This table only lists candidates identified by our pipeline and supported by at least one additional piece of evidence: a PCR validation, b alternative allele genomic sequence, c annotation in the Database of Genomic Variants. Other candidates not listed here are in Additional file 2 and Additional file 9. The notations ‘K’ ‘H’ and ‘W’ in the HERV name represent HERV-K(HML2), HERV-H and HERV-W families respectively