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Fig. 3

From: Locus-specific hypomethylation of the mouse IAP retrotransposon is associated with transcription factor-binding sites

Fig. 3

IAP LTR methylation landscape. a, b Pie charts of LTR copies categorized by their methylation levels in the sperm (a) and in the tail (b). Methylation levels are indicated at the bottom. c Scatter plot of DNA methylation levels of IAP LTR copies (n = 8153) in the sperm and tail (x- and y-axis, respectively). d Bisulfite-PCR results for selected loci in the sperm and tail in different individuals (mouse ID #2, #3, and #4). These individuals are different from the one (mouse ID #1) used for TEPBAT analysis. Brue (sperm) and red (red) bars indicate the methylation levels determined by TEPBAT. Blue (sperm) and red (tail) circles indicate the methylation levels of three individuals determined by sequencing of 10 to 16 PCR clones. The genomic location (mm10) of the loci are as follows: locus1, chr8:42,217,148-42,217,495 (IAPEY); locus2, chr18:87,502,570-87,503,025 (IAPLTR2a2); locus3, chr13:4,942,652-4,943,122 (IAPLTR2); locus4, chr3:96,489,247-96,489,584 (IAPLTR1)

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