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Fig. 2

From: Locus-specific hypomethylation of the mouse IAP retrotransposon is associated with transcription factor-binding sites

Fig. 2

DNA methylation levels of individual IAP LTR copies. a The number of LTR copies of the subfamilies. The numbers of the total genomic copies are shown in gray and those for which methylation levels were analyzed (total CpG methylation calls of 20) are shown in black. b-e Bisulfite-PCR results for selected loci in the tail DNA. Closed and open circles indicate methylated and unmethylated CpG sites, respectively. Each row represents a clone of bisulfite-PCR products. The genomic location (mm10) of the loci and their methylation levels (expressed as a fractional value) determined by TEPBAT and bisulfite-PCR (BS-PCR) are shown

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