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Table 3 Comparison of Muta1 and Os3378 transposition in yeast

From: Functional characterization of the active Mutator-like transposable element, Muta1 from the mosquito Aedes aegypti

  Muta1 OS3378
Excision frequency no TSD (X 10-7)a 1103 1.2
Excision frequency 8bp TSD (X 10-7)a 6940 -
Excision frequency 9bp TSD (X 10-7)a 3211 20.2
Reintegration frequency No TSDb 13.90% 59.26%
Reintegration frequency 8bp TSDb 19.41% -
Reintegration frequency 9bp TSDb 27.06% 39.28%
Percentage of reinsertion in gene rich regions 80% 68%
  1. aBased on the excision of Muta1AR or Os3378NA469 from the coding region of ADE2
  2. bBased on the reintegration of Muta1His or Os3378NA469
  3. - Corresponding experiment was not reported