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Table 1 Muta1 integration in yeast

From: Functional characterization of the active Mutator-like transposable element, Muta1 from the mosquito Aedes aegypti

Assay Frequency
Muta1His integrationa
 ade2+ excisant 2.44 × 10−5 Ade+ cells/total cells
 His+ 5-FOAR excisant 2.71 × 10−6 His+ 5FOAR cells/total cells
  ratio of reintegration = 11%
Muta1His integrationb
 ade2+ excisant 300 colonies
 His+ 5-FOAR excisant 41 colonies
  ratio of reintegration = 14%
  1. aMeasured by selection for presence of Muta1His and absence of plasmid following excision from ADE2
  2. bMeasured by analysis of independent Ade+ revertants to maintain Muta1His but lacking plasmid