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Table 3 LTR-driven LncRNAs with oncogenic role

From: Endogenous retroviral promoter exaptation in human cancer

lncRNAa TE type TE promoter coordinates (hg38) Cancer type references
SchLAP1 (ERV1) LTR12C chr2:180691205–180692425 prostate [143]
ROR (ERV1) LTR7 chr18:57072052–57072502 breast, others [147, 150]
HOST2 (ERV1) LTR2B chr10:84171987–84172465 ovarian [154]
AFAP1-AS1 (ERVL-MaLR) THE1A LTRb chr4:7753884–7754236 several [156, 158]
SAMMSON (ERV1) LTR1A2b chr3:69999501–70000359 melanoma [161]
HULC (ERVL-MaLR) MLT1A LTR chr6:8652095–8652454 liver [163]
UCA1 (ERV1) LTR7C chr19:15828738–15829200 several [165, 167]
BANCR (ERV1) MER41B LTR chr9:69306939–69307567 melanoma, others [169]
  1. aOnly those cases with supporting evidence of a role in the cancer are listed
  2. bThe fact that the promoter is an LTR was not previously noted