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Table 1 ERV/LTR groups mentioned in this review

From: Endogenous retroviral promoter exaptation in human cancer

ERV Class ERV Group Associated LTRs (Repbase names) ~Copies of internal regionsa ~Copies of solitary LTRsb
I (ERV1) HERV-H LTR7, 7B, 7C, 7Y 1060 1270
  HERV-9 LTR12, 12B-12 F 450 6500
  HERV-E LTR2, 2B, 2C 250 720
  HUERS-P2 LTR1, 1A-1 F 120 3000
  LOR1 LOR1a, 1b 175 1080
  MER41 MER41A-41G 275 4110
II (ERVK) HERV-K (HML-2) LTR5, 5A, 5B, 5Hs 80 1200
III (ERVL) HERV16 LTR16A-16E 860 18100
III (MaLR) THE THE1A-1D 7900 21260
  MLT1 MLT1A-1O 3820 146,550
  1. aCopy numbers of internal regions estimated from Dfam ( [50]
  2. bSolitary LTR numbers estimated from Dfam coverage minus 2x internal region numbers, assuming all internal regions are associated with two LTRs