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Table 2 The average Kimura 2-parameter, genetic distance was calculated among all insertions for each element. Highly mutable CpG sites were excluded from distance calculations

From: Pinpointing the vesper bat transposon revolution using the Miniopterus natalensis genome

   Within group genetic distance (average)
Super Family Element Miniopterus natalensis Myotis lucifugus Eptesicus fuscus Pteronotus parnellii
hAT nhAT-100_EF 18.69 18.94 19.16 19.75
Helitron Helitron1Nb_Mam 29.66 30.09 30.45 30.5
Helitron Helitron3Na_Mam 32.74 32.87 33.57 33.93
PiggyBac nPiggyBac-2_MNa 1.35 NA NA NA
PiggyBac piggyBac2b_Mm NA 1.91 NA NA
PiggyBac nPiggyBac-1_MNa 2.03 NA NA NA
PiggyBac piggyBac1_Mm NA NA 2.18 NA
PiggyBac npiggyBac-2_EF NA NA 2.86 NA
PiggyBac npiggyBac-1_EF NA 4.16 4.77 NA
PiggyBac npiggy1_Mm NA NA 5.3 NA
PiggyBac piggyBac_2a_Mm NA 6.78 NA NA
PiggyBac nPiggyBac-3_MNa 7.58 NA NA NA
PiggyBac piggyBac2_Mm 8.16 12.35 38.09 NA
TcMariner nTIGGER-7_MNa 8.08 NA NA NA
TcMariner nTIGGER-12_MNa 8.98 9.54 9.76 NA
TcMariner nTIGGER-18_MNa 9.99 9.9 10.33 NA
TcMariner TIGGER-1_Mna 13.63 14.41 14.6 15.66
TcMariner TIGGER1 14 14.31 14.84 15.96
  1. Distances were only calculated if the element occupied more than 10 kilobases in a genome. For species were elements were absent or occupied less than 10 kilobases of their genome, values are given as "NA"s. A limited number of transposons are shown here. A complete table displaying the average genetic distances of all elements is provided as Additional file 1: Table S1