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Table 2 Transposase-mediated germline integration

From: Active recombinant Tol2 transposase for gene transfer and gene discovery applications

Site Sequence Chr. Refseq
1 aaatatttaccaagcaac-5′-Tol2-3′-caagcaacacgttcagtg 8 Intron of gfra2
2 ataatttcctcttatttg-5′-Tol2-3′-cttatttgcatgtcagat 13 Intergenic
3 cgcatgctaacttataga-5′-Tol2-3′-cttatagaggaggtgccc 8 Exon of wu: fb79a07
4 aaacgttcctcctaacac-5′-Tol2-3′-cctaacacagttagatgg 3 Intergenic
5 caacacatgactcgttgg-5′-Tol2-3′-ctcgttggccatatgcta 15 Intergenic
6 gggaatatgtgttattaa-5′-Tol2-3′-gttattaactgcgtccca 4 Repetitive sequences
7 agctgtctcttctgtgtc-5′-Tol2-3′-tctgtgtcattcagtctc 3 Intron of LOC557901
8 tgtcagagatctaggtca-5′-Tol2-3′-ctaggtcagatggaggaa 25 Intergenic
  1. Tol2 insertion sites generated by His-Tol2 protein co-injection were cloned from F1 transgenic fish. Examples of 8-bp genomic sequence duplication (in bold) were shown with insertion loci information