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Table 1 His-Tol2 and Tol2 mRNA as sources of transposase in vivo

From: Active recombinant Tol2 transposase for gene transfer and gene discovery applications

Somatic F0 pattern Tol2 form Germline trapping and expression frequency Average F0 germline mosaicism
Cat II. mRNA 65 % (13/20) 27 %
Cat III. mRNA 88 % (35/40) 39 %
Cat III. Protein 76 % (13/17) 39 %
Cat IV. Protein 90 % (9/10) 51 %
  1. Analyses of somatic and germline transmission of reporter genes are shown. Fish injected with either mRNA or His-Tol2 were characterized by different F0 somatic patterns and assessed for corresponding germline trapping frequency, estimated as the percentage of F0 fish producing GFP-positive offspring. The number of fish screened is shown in parentheses. The F0 germline mosaicism rate was determined by the percentage of GFP-positive F1 offspring from a founder outcross. The average mosaicism rate for founder fish is listed from each different category