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Table 1 Genes/Coding Sequences located 5′ and 3′ to BrickBuilt elements. Gene numbers and characterizations correspond to strain ATCC 33277. Loci of BrickBuilt elements across four sequenced and annotated P. gingivalis strains. BrickBuilt elements are situated intergenically between the genes noted. Grayed-out boxes represent loci at which BrickBuilt is aberrant

From: Identification and characterization of a minisatellite contained within a novel miniature inverted-repeat transposable element (MITE) of Porphyromonas gingivalis

MITE 33277 Locus W83 Locus TDC60 Locus HG66 Locus Gene Characterization Gene Strand
BrickBuilt_1 PGN_0031 PG0033 PGTDC60_0032 EG14_02395 RmuC domain (DUF 805)   -
  PGN_0033 PG0034 PGTDC60_0034 EG14_02400 Thioredoxin trx -
BrickBuilt_2 PGN_0204 PG2159 PGTDC60_1262 EG14_03005 Protoporphyrinogen oxidase hemG +
  PGN_0205 PG2161 PGTDC60_1265 EG14_03010 AraC family transcriptional regulator   -
BrickBuilt_3 PGN_0303 PG0196 PGTDC60_0466 EG14_04795 Zinc protease (Peptidase M16)   +
  PGN_0306 PG0198 PGTDC60_0471 EG14_04805 PF05656 family protein (DUF 805)   +
BrickBuilt_4 PGN_0336 NP PGTDC60_1661 EG14_04940 Immunoreactive antigen/PorSS CTD   -
  PGN_0340 NP PGTDC60_1665 EG14_04960 Peptidase S41/PorSS CTD   +
BrickBuilt_5 PGN_0361 PG0264 PGTDC60_0543 EG14_05065 Glycosyl transferase family 2   +
  PGN_0365 PG0267 PGTDC60_0547 EG14_05075 Arginyl-tRNA synthetase argS +
BrickBuilt_6 PGN_0400 PG1715 PGTDC60_0586 EG14_05255 TonB-dependent receptor Cna protein   +
  PGN_0403 PG1714 PGTDC60_0590 EG14_05265 Pyridoxamine-phosphate oxidase pdxH +
BrickBuilt_7 PGN_0455 PG0549 PGTDC60_0639 EG14_03135 Partial ISPg5   +
  PGN_0456 PG0553 PGTDC60_0641 EG14_03150 Methylmalonyl-CoA mutase scpA -
BrickBuilt_8 PGN_0550 PG1559 PGTDC60_0739 EG14_03610 Glycine cleavage system subunit T gcvT +
  PGN_0553 PG1556 PGTDC60_0743 EG14_03615 Conserved hypothetical (DUF2149)   -
BrickBuilt_9 PGN_0558 PG1548 PGTDC60_0748 EG14_03640 Haem-binding protein hmuY -
  PGN_0559 PG1550 PGTDC60_0751 EG14_03655 Serine protease (Peptidase C10) prtT -
BrickBuilt_10 PGN_0632 PG0585 PGTDC60_1709 EG14_09225 Aspartyl-tRNA amidotransferase B   +
  PGN_0633 PG0587 PGTDC60_1713 EG14_09235 Membrane protein putative ion channel btuF -
BrickBuilt_11 PGN_0667 PG0625 PGTDC60_1753 EG14_09060 GTP cyclohydrolase I/PorSS CTD folE +
  PGN_0668 PG0627 PGTDC60_1756 EG14_09045 RNA-binding protein/PorSS CTD   -
BrickBuilt_12 PGN_0819 PG0796 PGTDC60_1912 EG14_08255 Leucyl-tRNA synthetase leuS -
  PGN_0823 PG0800 PGTDC60_1917 EG14_08240 NAD-utilizing dehydrogenase   -
BrickBuilt_13 PGN_0831 PG0807 PGTDC60_1926 EG14_08205 N utilization substance/PorSS CTD   -
  PGN_0832 PG0809 PGTDC60_1927 EG14_08200 Gliding motility protein/PorSS CTD sprA -
BrickBuilt_14 PGN_0871 PG1389 PGTDC60_2074 EG14_07995 Membrane protein   -
  PGN_0872 PG1391 PGTDC60_2073 EG14_08000 DNA-binding protein (PF00216)   +
BrickBuilt_15 PGN_0898 PG1424 PGTDC60_2039 EG14_07870 Peptidylarginine deiminase/PorSS CTD PAD -
  PGN_0900 PG1427 PGTDC60_2036 EG14_07865 Peptidase C10/PorSS CTD   -
BrickBuilt_16 PGN_1207 PG1117 PGTDC60_1098 EG14_06320 Transport multidrug efflux   +
  PGN_1208 PG1118 PGTDC60_1096 EG14_06310 ClpB chaperone and protease clpB -
BrickBuilt_17 PGN_1476 PG0494 PGTDC60_1611 EG14_09640 PorSS C-terminal sorting domain   -
  PGN_1479 PG0491 PGTDC60_1606 EG14_09650 Peptidase S10/PorSS CTD dppVII -
BrickBuilt_18 PGN_1777 PG1784 PGTDC60_0106 EG14_00235 Cysteine protease (Peptidase C1)   -
  PGN_1780 PG1786 PGTDC60_0110 EG14_00245 Endoribonuclease L-PSP   -
BrickBuilt_19 PGN_2035 PG0088 PGTDC60_0367 EG14_01925 Peptidase M16   +
  PGN_2037 PG0090 PGTDC60_0370 EG14_01930 DNA-binding protein from starved cells dps +
  1. NP’ stands for ‘Not Present’