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Fig. 6

From: A host factor supports retrotransposition of the TRE5-A population in Dictyostelium cells by suppressing an Argonaute protein

Fig. 6

Outline of the TRE trap retrotransposition assay. The TRE trap gene is a modified version of the pyr56 gene, which codes for the D. discoideum UMP synthase. The pyr56 gene contains an intron (dashed line; SD: splice donor site, SA: splice acceptor site) into shich a tRNA gene is inserted as bait for the integration of TRE5-A. The TRE trap gene is transformed into the ura strain DH1 that has a complete deletion of the pyr56 gene. The TRE trap gene converts transformants to ura+ because the intron is functionally spliced. If an element of the endogenous TRE5-A population targets the tRNA gene in the TRE trap gene for integration, the TRE trap gene is disrupted even if the integration actually occurs in the intronic sequence. The resulting ura cells gain resistance to the drug 5-fluoroorotic acid (5-FOA) and grow out clonally if uracil is added to the medium [18]

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