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Table 1 Factors required for the piRNA pathway

From: Distinct features of the piRNA pathway in somatic and germ cells: from piRNA cluster transcription to piRNA processing and amplification

Protein Physical interactions Fertility of mutants Homologs in other species References
Primary piRNA pathway
Yb Vret, Armi Female sterile ND [28]
Male sterile
Zucchini (Zuc) Aub Female sterile Mouse: MitoPLD [38]
MMZuc or Pld6
Armitage (Armi) Yb, Piwi, Vret Female sterile Mouse: Mov10L1 [28],[32]
Partial male sterile
Sister of Yb (SoYb) Vreta ND ND [28]
Vreteno (Vret) SoYBa, BoYBa, YB, Aub, Armi, AGO3, Piwi Female sterile Mouse: Tdrd1 [28],[32]
Male sterile
Gasz Karyβ3a Female sterile Mouse: Gasz [34]
Shutdown (Shu) ND ND Mouse: Fkbp6 [29]
Hen1 Piwi Fertile Mouse: Hen1 [39]
Brother of Yb (BoYb) Vreta Partial female sterile Mouse: Tdrd12 [28]
Secondary piRNA pathway    
Krimper (Krimp) ND Female sterile ND [40]
Aubergine (Aub) AGO3, Qin/Kumo, Squ, Tej, Vret, Zuc, Tap Female sterile Mouse: Mili [41],[42]
Male sterile
AGO3 Aub,Vret Female sterile   [32],[42]
Partial male sterile
Vasa Qin/Kumo, Tej, Tap Female sterile Mouse: Mvh, B. mori: Vasa [41],[43]
Male sterile
Spindle-E (Spn-E) Qin/Kumo, Tej, Tap Female sterile Mouse: Tdrd9 [41],[43]
Male sterile
Papi ND ND Mouse: Tdrd2 [44]
Tejas (Tej) Aub, Spn-E, Vasa, Tap Female sterile, Mouse: Tdrd5 [43]
Male fertile
Tapas, (Tap) SpnE, Aub, Tej, Vasa Fertile Mouse: Tdrd7 [45]
Qin/Kumo HP1, Aub, Piwi, Spn-E, Vasa Female sterile Mouse: Rnf17 [41],[42]
TE Transcriptional silencing    
Piwi Hen1, Armi, Arx, HP1, Qin/Kumo,Vret Female sterile   [39],[46]
Male sterile
Mael   Female sterile Mouse: Maelstrom [31],[40]
Male sterile
Asterix (Arx) Piwi Female sterile Mouse: Gtsf1 [47]
Male sterile [39]
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