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Figure 1

From: Striking structural dynamism and nucleotide sequence variation of the transposon Galileo in the genome of Drosophila mojavensis

Figure 1

Structures of representative Galileo copies found in the D. mojavensis genome. The black arrows are the TIR; the grey middle region is the transposase sequence; the yellow region is the F1 (spacing sequence between the TIR 1 and transposase coding segment); the green region is the F2 (spacing sequence after the transposase-coding segment and the TIR-2). The blue squares are tandem repeats found in the F group. The region with bracketed pattern (>>>) is the extra TIR region recruited in the extended TIR copies. The black arrowheads are internal short inverted repeats found in C and D groups. NC copies are nearly-complete copies, NC_DD are deletion derivatives of the nearly-complete ones. TIR, terminal inverted repeats.

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