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Figure 1

From: Insertion site preference of Mu, Tn5, and Tn7 transposons

Figure 1

Insertion biases of Mu, Tn5, and Tn7. BLogo sequence logos are shown for all insertion sites for Mu (A), Tn5 (B), and Tn7 (C) transposons into Candida glabrata subtelomeric DNA. Ten bases on either side of the transposon mediated duplication of five (Mu and Tn7) or nine (Tn5) bases were used to generate the sequence logo, and bases significant at P < 0.001 are shown in color. Mu insertion events were used to create a BLogo sequence logo with background base frequencies obtained from selecting all 25 mers within the target fosmids containing a central CGG (D). The background frequencies of A, C, G, and T used for the BLogo sequence logos are respectively: 0.32, 0.19, 0.18, 0.31 (A,B,C); 0.275, 0.217, 0.224, 0.284 (D).

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