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Table 2 Conserved retroviral pro-pol motifs in crocodilian ERV (CERV) sequences

From: Strong purifying selection in endogenous retroviruses in the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) in the Northern Territory of Australia

CERV clade Motif Genera Motif sequence*
CERV1 PR2 Gammaretrovirus (A/V)L(V/L)DTG(A/S)TFSM
  PR3 Gammaretrovirus LLG(Q/R)DLLTKL
  RT1 Gammaretrovirus YN(S/T)PILGV(L/P)K(A/V)
  RT2 Gammaretrovirus SVLDLKDAFFSI(P/S(L
  RT3 Gammaretrovirus (Q/R)LMWTVLPQGF(I/V)(A/V)AP
  RT4 Gammaretrovirus LL(H/Q)YVDD(I/L)L
Haplotype 58 PR2 Gammaretrovirus VLLDGTATMSM
  PR3 Gammaretrovirus LLGRDLLCK
  RT1 Gammaretrovirus CNTPVLPVRKP
  RT2 Epsilonretrovirus TVIDLCAAFFPIPV
  RT3 Gammaretrovirus HTLNTQLPQGYTKSP
  RT4 Gammaretrovirus LVQYVDDIL
CERV2 RT2 Spumavirus (A/T)AID(L/P)K(D/E)MF(C/Y)(H/Q)IPL
  RT3 Spumavirus F(E/K)G(C/H/R)VY(E/K)WKVC(P/S)(E/Q)GYKNSP
  RT4 Spumavirus (L/N)SYVDD(I/L)L
  1. *Residues presented here are those that occurred in more than one sequence. Motifs are based on those defined by Sperber et al.[48]. For the complete alignments, see Additional file 1: Figure S1.