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Table 2 Integration site analysis for remobilized progeny from 7M Hoppers

From: Remobilization of Sleeping Beauty transposons in the germline of Xenopus tropicalis

Tadpole Right IR/DR flanking sequence Integration site 5' flanking gene 3' flanking gene
Parental 7M TGTTAGTTATTACTTA cagttgaagtcgg 38:3796832 EDEM2 PHF20
E208-91 TCATTATCAGTATATA cagttgaagtcgg 38: 552620 EMILIN3 EMILIN3
3-1 GCTACTCACACAGTTA cagttgaagtcgg 13: 899336 SPRY2 NDFIP2
2-7M TGTTACTGGGCACTTA cagttgaagtcgg 3: 3883685 MYNN MDS1
A21A-1 AGTGTGTAGCTATATA cagttgaagtcgg 909:49452 GBP3 GBP3
C2AB-5 CGGGCCATGATGTATA cagttgaagtcgg Repeat - -
E2F3-95 GCACATAATACACATcagttgaagtcgg Unknown - -
E220-248 CATGTA cagttgaagtcgg Unknown - -
  1. Sequences flanking seven novel transposon insertion sites from 7M hoppers were cloned using extension primer tag selection linker mediated-PCR. The transposon sequence (italics) is flanked by the characteristic TA dinucleotide target site duplication (bold). The flanking sequence (depicted in capital letters) was used to interrogate the X. tropicalis genome sequence database (Joint Genome Institute X. tropicalis genome sequence assembly v4.1; [3]) to assign the integration sites to the genomic sequence scaffolds. The genes flanking the novel integration site are indicated.