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Table 1 Integration site analysis for remobilized progeny from 8F hoppers.

From: Remobilization of Sleeping Beauty transposons in the germline of Xenopus tropicalis

Tadpole Right indirect repeat/direct repeats flanking sequence Integration site 5' flanking gene 3' flanking gene
Parental 8F GCAACGCTagtcac...cagttATTGATTa 57:2456981 pSST739 C7orf72-like
8F♂51-498 GCGCAATACTATTATA cagttgaagtcgg 57:2452131 pSST739 C7orf72-like
8F♂51-55 CGGGCCATGATGTATA cagttgaagtcgg pT2βGFPb pSST739 C7orf72-like
8F♀61-1 GTGGAGCTCTGAAATA cagttgaagtcgg pT2βGFPb pSST739 C7orf72-like
8F♂58-2 AAAGGCAACACGCGTA cagttgaagtcgg 57:2470830 pSST739 C7orf72-like
8F♂58-8 GAATCTCTGTGATCTA cagttgaagtcgg 57:2491386 pSST739 C7orf72-like
8F♂C-43 CAGAGCTAGATATATA cagttgaagtcgg 57:2507804 C7orf72-like C7orf72-like
8F35♀F-1 TGGAAATGCCTATATA cagttgaagtcgg 57:2544323 C7orf72-like Ikaros
8F35♂C-44 AAGAAAGCACTTGGTA cagttgaagtcgg 57:2672369 Dopa decarboxylase Dopa decarboxylase
8F♀60-1 CCCCCTTCGGTGATTA cagttgaagtcgg 57:2897938 Grb10 Cordon-bleu
8F35♂A-207 ACAAACGGGCCATGTA cagttgaagtcgg 57:2991209 Grb10 Cordon-bleu
8F♂58-9 TATCTAAACAAAGTTA cagttgaagtcgg 588:587502 Cam-PDE 1C Cam-PDE 1C
6265 TCACTACATATTTCTA cagttgaagtcgg 294: 394261 PTPRM PTPRM
8F♂58-3 TAAGAATTAATAGTTA cagttgaagtcgg 250:752306 c-Fyn c-Fyn
8F35♂C-35 TATAAATAAAGATATA cagttgaagtcgg 223:803513 Connexin 31.1 C1orf94-like
8F♂B-203 AAGGCAGTCAGTTATA cagttgaagtcgg 15:2263789 RDC-1 COP9
8F35♂A-205 GATAACTCTTAAGTTA cagttgaagtcgg 484:822241 Amphiphysin Amphiphysin
  1. Sequences flanking the novel transposon insertion site were cloned using extension primer tag selection linker mediated-PCR. The remobilization events are mediated by canonical transposition reactions and the transposon sequence (italics) is flanked by the characteristic TA dinucleotide target site duplication (bold). The flanking sequence (depicted in capital letters) was used to interrogate the X. tropicalis genome sequence database (Joint Genome Institute X. tropicalis genome sequence assembly v4.1; [3]) to assign the integration sites to the genomic sequence scaffolds. The genes flanking the novel integration site are listed.
  2. aThe parental integration site on scaffold 57 was mediated by a non-canonical mechanism. bTwo remobilization events showed reintegration of the excised transposon into the donor concatamer locus on scaffold 57.