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Table 6 Number of genes differentially expressed between humans and chimpanzees across five tissues

From: Characterization and potential functional significance of human-chimpanzee large INDEL variation

  Tissue type
Expressed genes Brain Testis Heart Liver Kidney
Number of genes expressed 14,133 15,445 13,497 13,684 14,059
Number of genes differentially expressed 6,884 (49%) 10,803 (70%) 6,843 (51%) 5,308 (39%) 6,589 (47%)
  1. ANOVA = analysis of variance. "Expressed genes" are those designated as "present" by the default Affymetrix MAS 5.0 software in at least one tissue in either chimpanzees or humans. ANOVA was used to identify genes whose expression was significantly different (P < 0.05) between humans and chimpanzees for each of the tissue types. The percentages in parentheses were calculated by dividing the number of genes differentially expressed or not in each tissue by the total number of genes expressed in that tissue.