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Table 3 Genomic responses to changes in ploidy and interspecific hybridization in plants.

From: Mobile DNA and evolution in the 21st century

Taxon Genomic response
Genome expansion and retrotransposon proliferation in sunflower hybrids [185]
  Chromosomal repatterning and the evolution of sterility barriers in hybrid sunflower species [186]
  Rapid chromosome evolution in polyploids [187]
Grasses Altered methylation patterns and chromosome restructuring in hybrids [188]
Potato Genome instability in hybrids [189]
  Phenotypic and epigenetic variability in a diploid hybrid [190]
spp. (tobacco)
Elimination of repeated DNA in a synthetic allotetraploid [191]
Rice Extensive genomic variability induced by introgression from wild rice [192]
  LTR retrotransposon movements in rice lines introgressed by wild rice [193]
  Retrotransposon activation following introgression [194]
Brassica Rapid genome change in synthetic polyploids [195]
  Large scale chromosome restructuring [196]
Wheat [197] Sequence loss and cytosine methylation following hybridization and allopolyploidy [198]
  Rapid genome evolution following allopolyploidy [199]
  Changes in methylation patterns of mobile elements in allopolyploids [200]
  Parental repeat elimination in newly synthesized allopolyploids [201]
  Rapid genomic changes in interspecific and intergeneric hybrids and allopolyploids [202]
Arabidopsis Genomic changes in synthetic polyploids [203]
  Chromosome rearrangements after allotetraploid formation [204]